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Thursday, May 26, 2005

What is it to be an "Inquisitive Hand" Person?

For many a millennia, people have wondered "What is it to be an Inquisitive Hand Person?". Well I can tell you now, it's not an easy task (avoids the question). An inquisitive hand blog should give you all the answers you seek (as if! why isn't this blog telling me the answers then?). But really, let's not avoid the question. To be inquisitive means to be aware of all the unclaimed money that governments simply use to wipe their touches, it means to have greater awareness of your surroundings and more importantly, your own religion or way of life.

On a more serious note the term inquisitive actually comes from the martial art of Ching Chong Wing Chung Kung Fu (minus the Ching Chong, it just sounds good and rhymes). I must say that Wing Chung is a rather splendid martial art, full of lovely splendor and lovely "hitting someone so fast thus so hard that they fall down and become 'rather' unconscious". You see, speed is key in Wing Chung, the idea is to use a person's strength against them and one of the very many moves in Wing Chung Kung Fu is the Man Sao - The Inquisitive Hand.

If you want to truly know what the Inquisitive Hand means (apart from my alias) then frantically click on all the links on this page (that was a joke, Mr. Google...please don't suspend me...I beg of you good and highly wealthy stinking rich sir). You really goes back to the point of unclaimed money, when someone throws a punch they are giving you free money with some extra toasted honey and you just have to claim it and throw it back in their face (but in reality you should only claim it and not throw anything back, just a tip, wink wink).

So all in all "What is it to be Inquisitive?", we'll as we've gathered it's to throw away unclaimed money that has been toasted in honey, now that really is a BIG lesson to take away. The real question still remains however, what does the mysterious term "Christianity Religionless" actually mean? Hm? Now that is a good conspiracy theory to go away and ponder about, isn't it? But for those targetry terrorists who are highly uninquisitive (even a word?)...from me Peter Sissons, Good day and Good night my ugly ducklings.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The "0" Comment Effect

Hey! Chances are that no one at all is going to see your blog unless you take some time out to actually advertise it yourself. It's silly really. And even if someone, by some mystical chance, sees your blog then you'll still suffer from 'The 0 Comment Effect' where no one will leave any trace of their visit. Like at all. It's a shame really, but then again life is a shame.

Funny really, that the Internet has grown soooooo big that it's popping at its 'virtual' seams. The internet is destroying itself. What a funny thought, but true. And then there are the virus masterminds, the red hat hackers and weird spyware people who are just giving a helping hand out to the Internet, to help it to destroy itself, but much more painfully.

However, don't diss the hackers or the virus creators because they are the ones that actually allow the internet to progress at all. If it were up to Microsoft they would call Windows XP, Windows "I've got more bugs than a Rainforest" Edition, but they don't otherwise businesses won't buy it. See what marketing does to your puny minds? Ha ha ha......ha. So...the "bad asses" on the Internet are actually the good guys and big corporations like Microsoft are the bad and weird guys (with the exception of the weird spyware people), who want the consumer (that's you) to not have any freedom of choice.

Only God can truly know, where we'll be in years to come. I hope it's somewhere sunny (but not too sunny), and somewhere where we can enjoy ourselves (but not overkill the enjoyment), so that in the end we can have what we deserve as be happy. Farewell little chime balls, until another day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I Don't See The Point in Religion

I can't really see the point in having different religions. Actually, I guess I'm only writing this just to make you.....yes YOU.....the reader.......angry. But, really, all you have to do is look at some of the world's most popular religions and they are full of contradictions, lies, deceit, extortionists and power crazy maniacs...and that's just me getting started! Just to take Christianity as an example, if you ask a Christian "Is your religion based on the Truth?", they shall reply "Yes, ofcourse! Jesus is the only way to heaven!". But what they forget to mention is that there are like a million divisions in Christianity itself, all claiming to be the "Truth".

Don't get me wrong, many Christians go on to lead very Truthful lives it's just the fundamentalists which really get up my arse. What I say is that if God gave us as humans a brain, then God would have wanted us to use it, and using our brain we discover science. Science just makes God look more God knows (quite literally) what so many Christians have against Dinosaurs, Space, Gravity and Evolution. LOL.

In the beginning it was the same Doggy story, Christians thought they were always right with the World being flat and all and when they first discovered it was not, they freaked out and killed poor old Galileo (and have since said sorry to him 350 years after they murdered him to death). You see...somewhere along the lines these fundamentalists got confused, they saw their beliefs being ripped before their eyes and so drew the hard line against science. Others embraced science fully and the exceptional few tried to make both work together. I have full ruspect for these liberals. You gotta be barking mad to either totally reject religion or totally deny science because there are Truths in both of them.

And don't get me started on Islam, there are so many contradictions in it, that I'd rather jump into a fence made of rusting nails head first than tread on Islamic territory. You see...Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace but when you see some of the extremists jumping off planes with bombs attached to their foreheads then you sort of change your mind about using the word Islam and peace in the same sentence. I mean many Muslims will agree that suicide bombing is wrong, and its true to say that there are extremists in all walks of life, but this doesn't excuse the fact that the majority of Muslims celebrate the day the twin towers came tumbling down. I find that sick and twisted and quite disturbing. there really any point in religion if all it does is cause wars and destruction? If God really did create these religions then why are there so many divisions in them? Religions start off with some degree of Truth but it is the people which modify their God-sent religion. Like the books that are in the Bible were chosen by the Church, they threw out books that didn't fit their point of view. The Qua'ran was written on bits of leaves, a few family trees and on rocks, again, it was changed and manipulated. So really religion is not the disease and is not what is wrong with this world, it is the people who are to blame. Shame on them and their families who brought them up.

If any person reading this is offended by it, then tuff, it means that you're not strong enough in your so called "faith" to be able to cope with direct criticism to your beliefs. Only those that are truly religious will smile when reading this because they are sure of what they believe...the question is...are you?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Why I Chose an Inquisitive Hand Blogger Blog

Welcome people to my new Blog. You know, the first time I heard about blogs was from, they actually bought this blogger system from some geeky students that were developing it and who were nearly broke (shame on them, they are the victims of a large corporation buying them out and making billions out of their entire livelihood. The only thing that can be said is SHAME!).

It's funny how things change very quickly though...the students' fortunes were turned around (in both senses of the phrase. However, what the reader is not told is that they only got like $5 for it...yet again therefore the only thing that can be said is SHAME!). I then decided that one day I would create my own blog, however useless it may be, just to be a part of the revolution and surprise, is that crappy Day.

Over the next few years I'm gonna use this blog to shed some thoughts on controversial issues and conspiracies and all that exiting stuff that makes you wanna just jump into a hole and carry on falling forever. Like did you know the word "blog" actually comes from saying "web log" really fast? No? Then you are a fool, because its taken me 8 months to realize that.

With this Blog I hope to achieve the following things:
  • Take over the world
  • Destory some dangerous targetry terrorists
  • Make the reader so angry that they begin to click uncontrollably
  • Destroy the reader's (that's you) entire belief system if in fact they are silly enough to have created one which lacks depth (like their face)
For now however, good tidings my good old fruity juices.