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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Human 'Slothful' Being

Human 'Slothful' BeingHuman beings are funny. Everyday I just see them floating around with their legs, so assure of themselves. How slothful and gloomy. Don't you feel like just shouting at some of them? "Oi! You! Wake uuuuupppppp!!!!". But of course, the perfect moment never comes to execute this phrase and so I'm left wondering, even observing this vulgar species.

Awareness. What a funny thing. To be aware. What does it mean? Does it mean we're somewhat greater than the ant? Surely, an ant also has some awareness of its surroundings and some degree of limited consciousness, does it not? And then there is life. What does it mean to be alive? Why do some people argue that "Life is precious, so don't waste it?". How have they arrived at such a conclusion? Who are 'they'? Does it mean that everyday we continue to breathe and waste our finite time away? (If you read back, the last two sentences actually rhyme).

What this little thought experiment really shows is that we're actually more unsure of ourselves that we lead ourselves to believe. As human beings we seem to block out the reality and focus on materialism to provide us with some temporary degree of what we deem to be happiness. But really all we are actually doing is not facing facts. Life is precious because it is finite and we only have a short space of time to achieve the meaning of life, whatever that to you may be. Once this time is over, then unless you believe in reincarnation, that is it! Your life in well and truly over. Can you honestly say to yourself now that you've achieved your meaning of life? have you even ever thought about what the meaning of life for you is? For the majority of people, the answer unfortunately is "No".

But if you use logic and reason, you can always come to an answer. What makes us different to ants is that we have consciousness which essentially means that we have the freedom to make our own decisions. Ants and other species of animals do not have free will. They live to serve the creation, this is their meaning of life. For us humans, to have freewill is a great responsibility, one which we're inept at managing. We must realise as humans that all our actions in turn will have a consequence, but these days we've forgotten where to draw the line. This is a grave shamble of the human race. However, in this beautiful creation, even humans cannot escape some laws, like the Natural Laws. We're affected by gravity, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, monsoons, radiation etcetera. Nature is a force not to be reckoned with.

One of the most simplistic and powerful quote that always sticks in my head is "What you Sow is what you shall Reap". Remember this and it may well avoid you a lot of pain in the future. People will always remain sluggish and unhappy whilst others will seem to be on top of the world. This is just the way it is people, it is just the way it is. ;-)

3 Inquisitives:

  • At 4:40 am, Blogger Geoff said…

    "We must realise as humans that all our actions in turn will have a consequence, but these days we've forgotten where to draw the line."

    I whole heartedly agree with this satement but I have two questions:

    1)Why do you say that we have forgotten? Did we lose some knowledge we once had?

    2)How do you decide where to draw the line?

  • At 12:03 pm, Blogger Jazz said…

    (1) I say forgotton because its much like the "Slippery Slope argument", once you cut one corner and then another and then another you soon find that you've crossed all the principles that you should be following. And yes, I think we have lost the divine knowledge about our meaning of life and in this age are too engrossed in materilaism and the physical world. We forgot the spiritual world.

    (2) This has always been the moral problem of how we manage our free will. But the solution is simple, instead of deciding what is right and wrong we can follow 3 simple principles which should in turn make us moral beings who will naturally make moral decisions. These 3 basic principles are (1) Daily Meditation (2) Sharing with Others (3) Earning an Honest Living. Together these 3 aspects turn a person into a moral person and following them, you yourself will understand where the line should be drawn.

    Religion, ideas and beliefs cannot and should not be forced upon anyone, but instead people have the right to chose where to draw their own lines. Morality is a subjective principle as is religion.

    Thanks for ur comments!

  • At 3:27 am, Blogger Dylan said…

    Helloooo! You commented on my dream blog once, I’m not sure how long ago. You thought I was a gifted writer and I never found the chance to say thank you. So… thank you! There was no real ending to that dream; sorry for leaving you on a cliffhanger. You really don’t have to read the rest of this comment; it’s rather long and boring. If you do happen to like things that are indeed long and boring, by all means be my guest. May I ask before I begin rambling, which post did I lend ideas for?

    Why are we not allowed to waste life? Maybe I'm perfectly content with just 'sitting on the sidelines'. Is someone going to scold us when we're dead? What exactly do we do to not waste our time? Save the world? My version of saving the world would be to destroy most technological advancements, thus wiping out the weakest three quarters of the human population (who also just happen to be the ones who rape the land of everything valuable anyway) and sending us back to the days of the nomads who lived *with* Mother Nature rather than *off* her. I don't think people would like me doing purposeful things with my time.
    I've never understood why so many make such a tremendous deal about the meaning of life; it's right in front of us and yet we refuse to accept it because we expect it to be some sort of higher power. There is no higher power; spirit is simply a part of nature. Speaking of nature, what is there to reckon with? Are the compounds that make up a sheet of metal not from the earth? Did we not take the ingredients of toxic waste from the land? Are the cells of our bodies not a part of the Mother herself? I've got to stop asking so many rhetorical questions, heheh. 'Natural Laws' are really just Mother Nature's ways of regulating herself, as if she were a living being, which she is, I might add. In case some haven’t noticed by now, Earth is dying. She has a horrible disease, one not uncommon to the most significant species living in her body. The last resorts of her ‘Natural Laws’ are just barely keeping the disease at bay; soon it will grow strong enough to fend them off completely. Guess what this disease is. Ta dah, it’s cancer! Do you know the medium? Humans! It’s quite interesting to look at satellite pictures of cities and towns and things and compare just how similar they look to a tumour on a human. I once read a beautiful article about humans acting as cancer; if I haven’t bored you out of your skull yet, I can suggest Googling for it.
    Oh my, I really have gone off on a tangent now, haven’t I? *rhymes*


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