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Sunday, May 22, 2005

The "0" Comment Effect

Hey! Chances are that no one at all is going to see your blog unless you take some time out to actually advertise it yourself. It's silly really. And even if someone, by some mystical chance, sees your blog then you'll still suffer from 'The 0 Comment Effect' where no one will leave any trace of their visit. Like at all. It's a shame really, but then again life is a shame.

Funny really, that the Internet has grown soooooo big that it's popping at its 'virtual' seams. The internet is destroying itself. What a funny thought, but true. And then there are the virus masterminds, the red hat hackers and weird spyware people who are just giving a helping hand out to the Internet, to help it to destroy itself, but much more painfully.

However, don't diss the hackers or the virus creators because they are the ones that actually allow the internet to progress at all. If it were up to Microsoft they would call Windows XP, Windows "I've got more bugs than a Rainforest" Edition, but they don't otherwise businesses won't buy it. See what marketing does to your puny minds? Ha ha ha......ha. So...the "bad asses" on the Internet are actually the good guys and big corporations like Microsoft are the bad and weird guys (with the exception of the weird spyware people), who want the consumer (that's you) to not have any freedom of choice.

Only God can truly know, where we'll be in years to come. I hope it's somewhere sunny (but not too sunny), and somewhere where we can enjoy ourselves (but not overkill the enjoyment), so that in the end we can have what we deserve as be happy. Farewell little chime balls, until another day.

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