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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Art of Dissing

The art of "Dissing" is very widespread amongst the youth of day, which unfortunately for you, includes me. The new age of millennium children are now born with an inherent ability to be able to diss anyone, anywhere and ofcourse, at any time. For those of you who are not aware of the entire "Ghetto" social system of teenagers, then my definition of Dissing may help to get you familiarised with it. So here goes:

"Dissing, also referred to as Cussing, is an act whereby one individual attempts to get one over another individual by exchanging 'lyrics', commonly known as words. In this way, the individual attempts to elevate his or her ego over the other. This is commonly seen in parliamentary debates in the House of Commons."

I personally have now mastered this art. It comes from practicing every day on forums, chat rooms and in day-to-day life. This is the new system of argumentation with another being. In order to practice Cussing you can do the following:

  1. Start your own Blog similar to this one, pick an issue and start ripping the issue apart.
  2. Go to a chat room (preferably a Christian one) and pick a fight. This is also known as Internet Trolling.
  3. Study philosophy at a deep level. You will discover many flaws in so called religions. Use your new found knowledge and get into discussions with people of different faiths at work, university and school.
  4. The final advice I can give is to remember the 'The Gospel of the Art of Dissing' as summarised in the three lines below:
  • Have you heard of a bridge? Try jumping off a one.
  • Have you heard of anti-aging cream? Well then try drinking some, because wearing it clearly has little effect.
  • Have you heard of a face-mask? Well, you should get one, because your face clearly lacks common human features.

The disses you see above are the result of spending 3 long years in the Dissing (with a capital D) industry. You'll be surprised at their staunch effectiveness in Internet conversations. However, the Art of Dissing does not end there. No, no! This is the just the beginning of the end. Now once, you've learnt the Gospel of the Art of Dissing you must move on to understand types of Dissing.

As you become more experienced and move from a noob to a more advanced Disser, you will find that there are 3 main levels or types of dissing. These are shown below:

  1. Higher Level - These disses consist of very intellectual exchanges of words. These are most commonly used by politicians. Knowledge and carefully constructed lyrics are used to cuss the other person into the ground and destroy his/her belief systems. The higher level cussing is not very exciting (no wonder all politicians take Drugs in the toilet), however, it is a very constructive art form which usually leads to a good result.
  2. Middle Ground - The middle grounders are a combination of low and high level resulting in an overall medium tone of Dissing. They involve one or two lines of intellectual argument and the rest is just low level. The excitement level for this type of cussing is high but middle ground cussing is not very constructive.
  3. Low Level - This is by far the most exciting and adrenaline pumped type of cussing. Much like the type of cusses found in the Good Book (also known as the 'The Gospel of the Art of Dissing') the exchange of lyrics is fast and the point is usually to see who can shut who up. All you noobs must learn this rope before going up the cussing ladder.

P.S. Most low lives, who walk around the streets as if they have a glass bottle wedged up their arse think they can cuss. However, 9999999 times out of 10 they cannot. (There is no decimal point on purpose - this was a middle ground cuss).

So there we have it people the beautiful and magnificent art of trying to uplift your lack of ego for no apparent reason. I hope this helps parents to further misunderstand their warped children and I hope that my posts from now on shall become more degrading and pointless. Go and preach the Gospel my little missionaries and use your God given wings to fly. G'day.

15 Inquisitives:

  • At 10:58 pm, Blogger jedith said…

    I must say. You are a very shrewd debator. In your last comment on the last post, you stated that if I were to respond to your comment, I myself would be acting barbaric. This is only 50% true. I can RESPECTFULLY disagree with you and therefore be responding to your comment in a civilized and non barbaric way, so, I RESPECTFULLY say that everyone must have a good outlook on life.

  • At 11:05 pm, Blogger Jazz said…

    You may respectfully say it on the outside, however on the inside there are the traits of a barbaric mind which shine through like radiation from Solar energy which scoulds people's brains, especially considering you have a french (notice the lowercase f) flag wavering on your display picture. I mean, common, everyone knows france is a barbaric nation. But all in all, I must agree, not everyone is bad. No, no...everyone is instead barbaric.

  • At 3:01 pm, Blogger jedith said…

    Calling France barbaric is the greatest form of disrespect I have ever seen. I would like to draw your attention back to teh Hundred Years war. In one memorable battle, the French king had a strategic high position while the Brits were down below. He thought it would not be HONORABLE to fight the Brits from that position, so he gave it up. The Brits show their gratitude by mercilessly massacuring the French forces in a barbaric nature. Now, you can't tell me that the Brits are perfect. Also, if you are so wonderful, why are you and the rest of your UN cronies offering international aid to the United States to help with Katrina's cleanup?

  • At 3:27 pm, Blogger Jazz said…

    You are correct in pointing out that the French were a civilised nation, however, recently they have seemed to suffer from a acute form of de-evolution, which essentially means they have gone back in time to a warped era of barbaric lack of civilation. Also, I'm unsure whether it is a typo of yours but you write "if you are so wonderful, why are you....offering international help with Katrina". Is helping someone out in a time of crisis bad? And don't you forget that we saved the Frenchs' backsides on D-day. France is a country tha attempts to divide the diversity of life, now that is a crime, not only on a whole nation, but on the entire human species. I'm afraid I will not be convinced of the French as being good unless they change their policies, their diets and their facial creams.

  • At 7:15 pm, Blogger jedith said…

    1. Yes that was a typo, there should be a "not" in there.

    As for my comeback...

    Actually, if anything, France is evolving far beyond the mere Brit on the streets of London or elsewhere. Let's look at energy consumption. It is a well known fact that the French are much more efficent with their energy than the British. France has build enough environmentally friendly nuclear power plants that, apart from cars, oil is almost useless. As for their cars, France has much stricter regulations about fuel usage than Brits, hence the term econo-cars. You made another statement which I would like to contest. "And don't you Forget that we saved the Frenchs' backsides on D-day." First, don't forget that without the USA, Britain would have been surely conquered by the nazis. Britain was just waiting for the critical blow when the Americans showed up and bailed them out. Next, assuming my historical accuracy is acute, it was the Americans who made up the brunt of D-Day. They could have still won without the Brits. The only reason France was conquered and Britain wasn't is because France is not an island, which makes them an easir target. It had nothing to do with nilitary might.

  • At 10:32 pm, Blogger Jazz said…

    You write "France is evolving far beyond the mere Brit on the streets of London or elsewhere"...I believe this is another typo, I think you meant de-evolving but either way Britain has the strongest economy in the world. Theerfore, let's not look at micro issues but instead looking at macro economics, Britain is far superior than the petty French barbarians and every other country in the world, for that matter. This is reinforced by the Independant non-biased opinion of the Olympic Committee who clearly saw that Britain is a superior race and therefore country than the de-evolving French. We WON LONDON 2012! Also, although Nuclear is clean for producing energy its vast waste of Radioactive material seems to have grosely affected the French's brains. It would seem in my diagnosis that this is the very source of the Frenchs' de-evolution and warped facial visages. Further to the point, Britain need not look at primitive Nuclear energy but will be moving into Fusion and Fuel Cell technology which only has a byproduct of water. Shame on the short term thinking of the French....but then again they are only thinking to their full capacity. And as for D-Day, it was British military commanders that organised the tactics of battle and had it not bin for us, the casualties would be vast. It is a known fact that the British suffered the least casualities even though they had the least military might but fought the same amount of enemy. Shameful. Therefore, all in all your historical accuracy is not, no, it's become a mild form of hemerage (hereditary for the French). Again, shame.

  • At 12:08 am, Blogger Cary said…

    an interesting blog, and side diatribe in the comments section actually.

    i had to laugh at the mention of the French as "eco friendly" till my sides hurt. every european country who is energy conscious isnt doing it out of the "earth-wise" goodness of their hearts. they conserve energy because they cant financially afford not to. power, as well as fuel, is incredibly expensive, even in euros. we would be the same way here in the states if it cost us a bit more. sad, but true.

    and i dont know about your history books, but ours tend to call France out as surrender happy more often than not. it could be that being occupied by a dictatorial enemy is fun, but i cant imagine how.

    anyhow, peace my friends across the water. be well.

  • At 12:10 am, Blogger Leah said…

    Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog! I like to get random comments from random people! Thanks for being respectful too; although I am going to have to disagree with you on the christianity thing, I do respect your opinion. Talk to you later!


  • At 2:54 pm, Blogger jedith said…

    Before we continue, this is some good debating, and I believe that it is only fair to continue the debate on my blog for a while. My response will be found on my blog.

  • At 3:34 pm, Blogger Jazz said…

    I refuse to post on a blog even remotely affiliated with the French. This debate has caused me to realise even more that the French got owned in America, Africa and India by the British forces. My response to your post will therefore be found on my blog. Oh what a shame. (This is all part of taking control of a debate whilst using Middle Ground cussing techniques to rattle the French's already rattled visages.)

  • At 5:20 pm, Blogger jedith said…

    Did you at least read my response? I do not see a response to my response on your blog. Do I need to interpret this as your defeat? If not, then press on. However, if I can't have comments then you can't have comments. The debate will continue on Demosthenes's blog. See you there.

  • At 8:18 pm, Blogger Leah said…

    Hey! I have a feeling you're alot like me. You don't give up easily either! Hey, I can dig it. Although, I still disagree! But, hey we both have the right to beleive whatever we want, nice talking to you! Talk to you later!


  • At 9:13 pm, Blogger Jazz said…

    Leah: You do seem to always finish with "Talk to you later", even though 'later' is a point in time that does not exist until its created. How fruitful. But thanks for visiting and I hope you've had a very, very interesting time discovering the Truth of what I was discussing to you about.

    Jedith: The last person I want to give comments and traffic to is Demos. He's always taking my traffic. Therefore, I can now safely admit that you have been defeated on your own grounds. If not, we'll call this one a draw and nullify it until of course another exciting topic of interest comes up instead of the highly barbaric and warped French ideologies which are pointless wasting any more precious breath and energy on.

  • At 2:44 pm, Blogger jedith said…

    The Brits are no Ginzburgs either. But despite that, it is true. This battle shall be considered a draw until one of us can find another topic besides France vs. Britain.

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