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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Why I Chose an Inquisitive Hand Blogger Blog

Welcome people to my new Blog. You know, the first time I heard about blogs was from, they actually bought this blogger system from some geeky students that were developing it and who were nearly broke (shame on them, they are the victims of a large corporation buying them out and making billions out of their entire livelihood. The only thing that can be said is SHAME!).

It's funny how things change very quickly though...the students' fortunes were turned around (in both senses of the phrase. However, what the reader is not told is that they only got like $5 for it...yet again therefore the only thing that can be said is SHAME!). I then decided that one day I would create my own blog, however useless it may be, just to be a part of the revolution and surprise, is that crappy Day.

Over the next few years I'm gonna use this blog to shed some thoughts on controversial issues and conspiracies and all that exiting stuff that makes you wanna just jump into a hole and carry on falling forever. Like did you know the word "blog" actually comes from saying "web log" really fast? No? Then you are a fool, because its taken me 8 months to realize that.

With this Blog I hope to achieve the following things:
  • Take over the world
  • Destory some dangerous targetry terrorists
  • Make the reader so angry that they begin to click uncontrollably
  • Destroy the reader's (that's you) entire belief system if in fact they are silly enough to have created one which lacks depth (like their face)
For now however, good tidings my good old fruity juices.

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