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Thursday, May 26, 2005

What is it to be an "Inquisitive Hand" Person?

For many a millennia, people have wondered "What is it to be an Inquisitive Hand Person?". Well I can tell you now, it's not an easy task (avoids the question). An inquisitive hand blog should give you all the answers you seek (as if! why isn't this blog telling me the answers then?). But really, let's not avoid the question. To be inquisitive means to be aware of all the unclaimed money that governments simply use to wipe their touches, it means to have greater awareness of your surroundings and more importantly, your own religion or way of life.

On a more serious note the term inquisitive actually comes from the martial art of Ching Chong Wing Chung Kung Fu (minus the Ching Chong, it just sounds good and rhymes). I must say that Wing Chung is a rather splendid martial art, full of lovely splendor and lovely "hitting someone so fast thus so hard that they fall down and become 'rather' unconscious". You see, speed is key in Wing Chung, the idea is to use a person's strength against them and one of the very many moves in Wing Chung Kung Fu is the Man Sao - The Inquisitive Hand.

If you want to truly know what the Inquisitive Hand means (apart from my alias) then frantically click on all the links on this page (that was a joke, Mr. Google...please don't suspend me...I beg of you good and highly wealthy stinking rich sir). You really goes back to the point of unclaimed money, when someone throws a punch they are giving you free money with some extra toasted honey and you just have to claim it and throw it back in their face (but in reality you should only claim it and not throw anything back, just a tip, wink wink).

So all in all "What is it to be Inquisitive?", we'll as we've gathered it's to throw away unclaimed money that has been toasted in honey, now that really is a BIG lesson to take away. The real question still remains however, what does the mysterious term "Christianity Religionless" actually mean? Hm? Now that is a good conspiracy theory to go away and ponder about, isn't it? But for those targetry terrorists who are highly uninquisitive (even a word?)...from me Peter Sissons, Good day and Good night my ugly ducklings.

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  • At 1:34 am, Blogger Black Cat said…

    wow u are really out of the box...i guess thats good but i suppose its slightly disturbing too.. anyway, rock on


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